The first specialized seminar of Niko Gene Arya

The first specialized seminar of Niko Gene Arya

The first scientific – specialized seminar of Niko Gene Arya company, focusing on  introducing MSD pet products was held with the presence of scientific representatives of MSD on 6 July, 2022.


In this gathering, which was attended by a group of prominent veterinarians in Tehran and Alborz province, Dr. Saeed Haghverdi, the CEO of Niko Gene Arya, welcoming the guests and gave explained about the company’s activities .


Then Dr. Burhan Haci, executive director of MSD Animal Health, talked about the introduction of MSD and its history.

MSD is an American pharmaceutical company. This company operates under the name Merck in the United States and out of that under the name Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD).

Dr. Haci pointed out that the activity of this company outside the US  is even more than inside it and its main activity is in the field of vaccine production. He also added that the MSD has several global research sites and recently has been more active in the field of digital environmental health.

After his explanations, Dr. Mats Abatzidis, a technical specialist in the animal health department of MSD in South Africa, spoke online about Nobivac vaccines for small animals produced by this company. His explanations was mostly about the introduction of Nobivac Parvo-C, Nobivac L4, Nobivac Tricat Trio vaccines, their functions and safety.

Since this seminar focused more on Bravecto introduction in its two forms, Chewable and Spot-on, Dr. Matija Medved, MSD’s strategic marketing manager, completely described this product.

Dr. Medved also gave full explanations about the mechanism and action of Bravecto and talked about the therapeutic benefits of this product compared to other common and available similar pharmaceutical.

This seminar was held with the aim of informing and introducing  MSD products in the field of small animals. It was also formed to gathering and get to know more active veterinarians in this field. The maintenance and continuance of this communication and cooperation is a part of Niko Gene Arya’s programs.

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