About us

Niko Gene Arya Company was established in 2011 with decided Dr. Saeed Haghverdi and took the action of obtaining representation from reputable companies in the field of producing vaccines, pharmaceutical and food additives.
The goal of Niko Gene Arya Company is to form a specialized and technical team and provide the best quality products, the best support and services along with the transfer of technical knowledge to respected companies, customers and clinicians with the vision of improving the pharmaceutical and health industry of the country in the future.
Niko Gene Arya Company is currently the exclusive representative of several reputable European and Asian companies in Iran.
The products that are selected for import are unique and functional.
The company’s effort is to import the best and most practical vaccines, pharmaceutical, food and equipment for livestock, poultry, pets and equine with the latest technology in the world.
nikan pakhsh beh afarin نیکان پخش به آفرین
Nationwide distribution of pharmaceutical, vaccines and biological materials.
Compliance with all standards of maintenance and distribution
With comprehensive coverage of distibution across the country