Bravecto® Spot-On For Dogs

Bravecto® Spot-On For Dogs

Soloution for optimal control of tick and flea in dogs


Bravecto spot-on for dogs

Pharmaceutical group: Antiparasitic in the form of a solution containing the active ingredient: Fluralaner

Target species: Dogs

Indications for use: For the treatment of tick and flea infestations in dog

For optimal control of tick and flea infestation, the product should be administered at intervals of 12 weeks.

For the treatment of mite infestations (Otodectes cynotis; Sarcoptes scabiei; Demodex spp.), a single dose of the product should be applied. The need for and frequency of re-treatment should be in accordance with the advice of the prescribing veterinarian.

Amounts to be administered and administration route:

For 2-4.5 kg body weight dogs 112.5 mg tube of Bravecto,10-5.4 kg b.w., tube of 250 mg, 10 to 20 kg b.w., 500 mg tube,20 to 40 kg, 1000 mg tube and 40 to 56 kg b.w., 1400 mg tube should be used.

For dogs weighing more than 56 kg, use a two-tablet combination that is close to the body weight.

Method of administration:

Immediately before use, open the sachet and remove the pipette.

The twist-and-use cap should be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise one full turn.

The dog should be standing or lying with its back horizontal during application. Place the pipette tip vertically against the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog.

Squeeze the pipette gently and apply the entire contents directly to the dog’s skin in one (when volume is small) or several spots along the dog’s dorsal line from the shoulder to the base of the tail.

Fluralaner is an acaricide and insecticide. Fluralaner distributes well into tissues and reaches the highest concentrations in fat, followed by liver, muscle and kidney. The prolonged persistence and slow elimination from plasma (t1/2 = 21 days).

The flea life cycle is broken due to the rapid onset of action and long lasting efficacy against adult fleas on the animal and the absence of viable egg production. Also, the effective and long-lasting plasma concentration of the product in the body prevents the presence of new fleas and ticks during 3 months after consumption.

Adverse reactions:

Singular cases (1.2% of treated dogs) of mild and transient skin reactions such as erythema and alopecia at the application site were observed in clinical studies.

Special precautions for use:

Care should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes of the animal. Do not use directly on skin lesions.

Do not wash or allow the dog to become immersed in water or swim in water courses within 3 days after treatment.

This veterinary medicinal product should not be used on puppies less than 8 weeks old and / or dogs weighing less than 2 kg.

The product should not be administered at intervals shorter than 8 weeks.

Shelf life:

Shelf life of the 112.5 mg strength of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 24 months. Shelf life of the 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1400 mg strengths of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 36 months.

Nature and composition of immediate packaging: Unit dose pipette made of laminated aluminum/polypropylene foil closed with an HDPE cap and packed in a laminated aluminum foil sachet. Each carton box contains 1 or 2 pipettes.

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