Bravecto® Spot-On For Cats

Bravecto® Spot-On For Cats

Solution for tick and flea treatment in cats




Bravecto is available as a spot-on* flea and tick treatment for cats – providing 3 months protection.

Bravecto Spot-on for Cats kills pre-existing and new infestations of paralysis ticks for 3 months. Fleas are killed in up to 12 hours after treatment or after reinfestation during the 3 month treatment period. The flea life cycle can be broken by this rapid onset of action and long-lasting efficacy. Bravecto helps you spend more quality time with your cat and less effort dealing with fleas and ticks. Fast acting, and with an extraordinarily long-lasting 3 month hassle free period between treatments, you and your cat can enjoy extended protection.

Active Ingredients
Bravecto contains fluralaner.


For the control of flea and tick infestations on cats for 3 months


  • Treats and controls existing flea and tick infestations
  • Sustained control of new flea and tick infestations
  • Part of a treatment strategy for the control of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Highly effective against fipronil resistant fleas

Bravecto spot-on* solution should be administered in accordance with the following table (corresponding to a dose of 40 – 94 mg fluralaner/kg body weight):

Bodyweight (kg) of dog Small Cat
0.4 ml/pipette
Medium Cat
0.89 ml/pipette
Large Cat
1.79 ml/pipette
1.2 – 2.8 1
2.8 – 6.25 1
6.25 – 12.5 1









*For use in cats from 11 weeks of age and over 1.2kg.

For optimal control of tick and flea infestation, the Bravecto spot-on* should be administered at 3 monthly intervals. Bravecto spot-on* can be administered all year round.

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