bioveta poultry iran tehran بایوتا طیور ایران

The Best Innovator 2014 competition for best innovation management in companies organized by A. T. Kearney, a global consulting firm, evaluates innovation process. The ‘State Institute for the Diagnosis of Animal Infections and the Production of Vaccines’ was established pursuant to the Ministry of Agriculture issuing Decree no. 39 on November 23,1918. The Institute was located on the premises of the former Ivanovice estate under the rule of the Ruprecht, the Bavarian Crown Prince. The name of the Institute was changed to Bioveta Ivanovice na Hané in 1951. This trademark has been registered since 1951 with the Trademark Register of the Czech Republic and since 1965 this name has been protected internationally. In 1995 the state-owned Bioveta was privatised in the form of a public tender and was transformed into Bioveta, s. r. o. (Limited Company), which was again transformed into a joint-stock company on July 1, 1996.