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Lavet Pharmaceuticals Ltd plays a key role in the veterinary market both in Hungary and Europe. The company was founded by Hungarian investors, with the aim to provide a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products for both the national and international veterinary markets. Basically, LAVET activate as a parent company, that many big European brands such as Ceva, Boehringer Ingelheim and a number of other reliable brands buy their products from this factory.

 The company’s main activities include the development, registration and manufacture of veterinary medicinal products where first and foremost responsible behavior is kept in mind. In the spirit of the slogan of this company “You Love We Care”, the experts constantly strive to help the animal owners’ in every days’ care with the products as efficiently as possible. During the development process the primary goal is to provide the best solutions for prevention and treatment of possible veterinary issues by utilizing practical knowledge as well as the latest research results, taking into account the needs and problems of animal owners.


By collaborating closely with customers, MSD Animal Health built strong partnerships in an effort to improve the health of animals around the world. MSD Company approach the work every day with a deep sense of responsibility – to the customers, consumers, animals, society and the planet.In 1970 they introduced anti-inflammatory drug for horses (Schering-Plough Animal Health). In 1980 they developed first recombinant DNA vaccine. In 2011 the operating name of Merck changed to Merck Animal Health (MSD Animal Health outside the USA and Canada).

The activity of this company outside of the United States is even more  than inside it, and its main activity is in the field of vaccine production. This company has significant activity in the field of producing medicines and vaccines for pets and horses.

MSD has several global research sites and is active in the field of Digital Environmental Health.



The Best Innovator 2014 competition for best innovation management in companies organized by A. T. Kearney, a global consulting firm, evaluates innovation process. The ‘State Institute for the Diagnosis of Animal Infections and the Production of Vaccines’ was established pursuant to the Ministry of Agriculture issuing Decree no. 39 on November 23,1918. The Institute was located on the premises of the former Ivanovice estate under the rule of the Ruprecht, the Bavarian Crown Prince. The name of the Institute was changed to Bioveta Ivanovice na Hané in 1951. This trademark has been registered since 1951 with the Trademark Register of the Czech Republic and since 1965 this name has been protected internationally. In 1995 the state-owned Bioveta was privatised in the form of a public tender and was transformed into Bioveta, s. r. o. (Limited Company), which was again transformed into a joint-stock company on July 1, 1996


EXPERT MEDICAL LIMITED is a Veterinary company located in Hungary, EU, selling antibiotics and vaccines with excellent registration background. Expert medical Ltd. As a professional medico legal agency, this company offers a complete solution to all aspects of medico-legal matters.