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Scalibor Protector Band

Scalibor Protector Band

SCALIBOR Protector Band protects dogs from ticks and fleas up to 6 months

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Scalibor Protector Band

SCALIBOR Protector Band protects dogs from ticks and fleas up to 6 months

Scalibor® protection band has unique release technology to ensure sustained release and continuous efficacy against Ticks, Fleas and Sand flies. It is effective through its anti-feeding effect repellent effect, knockdown effect and lethal effect. Duration of efficacy is six months against ticks and four months against fleas.

Scalibor® protective band 65 cm contains 1 g of deltamethrin

Scalibor® protective band 48 cm contains 0.76 g of deltamethrin

Prevention of sand fly bites and infestation with ticks and fleas.

Two sizes exist: Scalibor protector band neck size- L for large dogs Scalibor protector band Neck size -S, for small and medium dogs.

Method of Administration:

For external use only. The protector band should be adjusted to the size of the neck of the dog, and excess length beyond 5 cm of the buckle should be cut off.

At room temperature.

Cartons containing a single protector band.

Contra –indications:

Do not use in puppies younger than 7 weeks of age.

Further information:

Scalibor® protective band can be used in pregnant or lactating bitches. It takes 1-2 weeks before maximum concentration is reached in the skin. The Scalibor protective band should be applied at least 2 weeks prior to the anticipated period of exposure.

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