Niko Gene Arya


Representative of authoritative companies in the field of vaccine, drug and food additive productions.

Offering the best quality

Best service and technical knowledge

Nationwide distribution of drugs, vaccines and biological materials.

Compliance with all standards of maintenance and distribution

With comprehensive coverage of distribution across the country

Nikan Pakhsh . . . Beh Afarin

Background: Niko Gene Arya Co. was established in 2011 as nationwide importer and Distribution Company base on MOH’s, (Ministry Of Health) and IVO’s, (Iranian Veterinary Organization), executive instructions for import and distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Biological products. The core idea came from our partners in Europe where we need to a secure channel to distribute our imported products such as Bioveta’s Vaccines from Czech Republic, Lavet pharmaceuticals from Hungary and Choline chloride from China. Niko Gene Arya distribution, has 29 sub-distributors over provinces whom cover whole country. All those companies registered and authorized by MOH’s and IVO’s local offices. All Niko Gene Arya’s products, which provided by its suppliers, exclusively distribute in each sub-distributor’s territory. The mission is to create reliable and easy channel for suppliers and consumers in Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Biological products market.



Improving the quantity and quality of drug storage environments / Improving and upgrading the drug distribution system / Improving financial and administrative systems

Our mission

We want to be known as the most reliable system for supplying medicine and veterinary goods.


Complete the treatment chain with quality distribution and in accordance with the standard. By establishing a quality management system and observing customer orientation

Using creative solutions

We will use completely innovative methods to solve your problems and issues!

Core values

Adhere to innovate creative solutions Adherence to professional and specialized principles and ethics commitment to fulfillment of the covenant, responsibility

Updated technology

We will use the latest technology in the world to be able to provide more up-to-date services